Dienstag, 30. August 2011

London calling.

12.-15. August
Me and a friend spontaneously decided to go to London in July. After booking some "not too expensive" fligths and a hotel, our delight was tempered by the riots in London. Although we couldn't estimate the danger, we were convinced to go. But in retrospect, it was the best decision :)
 The days were absolutely gorgeous! We met there some friends from Italy who stayed at a boy living in London. So it was like a jackpot because they showed us some nices places to go out and some unknown (but so much the better) shopping streets.

Our day's shedule (everyday!!!):

  • breakfast at 8 am
  • going back to bed afterwards and sleeping till 12
  • shopping and eating (not more than pass by two sights ;) )
  • getting ready to go out
  • nightlife!!

 best places: Camden Market, Brick Lane, Koko Club, Camden Lock, Underworld Club, The World's End, Primark, Topshop, Subways, Starbucks, some gay bar (can't remember the name), the alibi...

About Me

- Liisa 
- Vienna, born in Carinthia
- born 1990
- blonde, green eyes
- studies law and english
- loves: fashion / music espically rock, punk, indie, alternative / sports /travelling / concert /
- likes: to read / being free / parties / languages /

Song of the last weekend: is it me, is it you - the kooks

But is it me, is it you
Is it the times that we're going through
Was it hard did your heart breakdown
Is your mind still in control
There is a violence in love
Somethings I'll never understand
So where the bullets missed you out
They hit me I'm falling down again