Dienstag, 30. August 2011

London calling.

12.-15. August
Me and a friend spontaneously decided to go to London in July. After booking some "not too expensive" fligths and a hotel, our delight was tempered by the riots in London. Although we couldn't estimate the danger, we were convinced to go. But in retrospect, it was the best decision :)
 The days were absolutely gorgeous! We met there some friends from Italy who stayed at a boy living in London. So it was like a jackpot because they showed us some nices places to go out and some unknown (but so much the better) shopping streets.

Our day's shedule (everyday!!!):

  • breakfast at 8 am
  • going back to bed afterwards and sleeping till 12
  • shopping and eating (not more than pass by two sights ;) )
  • getting ready to go out
  • nightlife!!

 best places: Camden Market, Brick Lane, Koko Club, Camden Lock, Underworld Club, The World's End, Primark, Topshop, Subways, Starbucks, some gay bar (can't remember the name), the alibi...

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  1. great photos you took in london!
    thanks for following me :)