Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

I'm in the centre, oh won't you pick me up, oh ooh

Hey my 101 readers,
i really want to thank you for following and reading my blog :)

Brrr at the moment it's so f***ing cold in Vienna and i really don't want to go outside. But that's impossible on weekends. This weekend was really awesome. I just returned from the "Go back to the zoo" concert. It was absolutely great. These four guys from the Netherlands make brilliant music. After the pics I post you one song. This was my outfit (I know it's not appropriate for this weather^^)

Solero <3 best drink ever
You need: vodka, orange juice, maracuja juice, ace juice and vanilla sugar

You can say what you want to 
But I won't do as I'm told to, 
I'm up, all night thinking about nothing, 
‘Cause there's nothing to dream about 
It ain't easy living on poor part of town 
It ain't easy, it's so hard 


  1. Really great style.
    Like your hat, the ring and your blouse.


  2. YEEEES - siehst supergut aus & hast einen Blog der mich wirklich dezent derbe anspricht! Mach weiter so! LIKE ♥

    Carina, xx

  3. We <3 your blog! :)

  4. hey, great blog! :)
    if you want we can follow each other? :)

    i would be very happy. :)

    xoxo, mathilda

  5. I really LOVE these accessories! :) Beautiful photos and you've such a great style! :) Best wishes

  6. Den goldenen Federring, die Ohrringe und den Taillengürtel finde ich total toll :) Wo hast du die Sachen her?