Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

Sure As Hell

here are some pictures with one of my favourite jumper :)
I am quite pale on all these pictures but i don't wear any make-up.
Tomorrow I fly to Berlin till Sunday. I am already quite exciting and I will take loads of pictures which I will upload next week.

And as I'm looking back
On the past two years
It seems like I have conquered every fear
I ever had
or thought would hold me back
but now we're standing on the edge and I just have to ask

I don't regret a thing
And I won't forget a thing
And I didn't once pretend,
Did you?
Did you?

I never felt more free,
I've never been more true
Never thought I'd see today with you
I didn't picture this
I wasn't hoping high
Now I'm reaching for the things I left behind
'cause I'm finally content
And I sure as hell meant all of it


  1. Beautiful photos and lovely sweater! From where is your sweater? <3

    With love, x


  2. Hey,
    i bought it at h&m about three years ago.

  3. that sweater is so great! I love the little detailing!

  4. wirklich schöner pulli :) gefällt mir auch sehr gut !

    Danke fürs verfolgen :-* diito ^^ hihi
    xx Bibii